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Hitchin Symphony Orchestra


Hitchin Symphony Orchestra is deeply indebted to all its Patrons, both those named here and those who prefer not to have their names publicised. Their patronage, both in terms of support and of their financial contribution, is of inestimable value and helps to assure a continued future for this old established orchestra.

conductor leader soloist and president

If you enjoy attending concerts and want to support our activities, please consider becoming a Patron. Patrons benefit the orchestra by giving a minimum suggested annual amount – £15 a year for individual patrons and £25 a year for couples. A Patron also receives a discount of £1.50 on a ticket for each of our two concerts in the year, is invited to attend the orchestra’s rehearsals, its social activities, including the Christmas Meal, and the Annual General Meeting. If they wish, Patrons’ names may be acknowledged in the orchestra’s concert programmes and on its web site. If you would like to become a Patron, please contact the Patrons’ Secretary, Clifford Rowe, on 01462 433102, or by e-mail to HSO Patrons’ Secretary.

Mrs B. Allcroft
Mr M. and Mrs H. Baim
Mr D.A. Brown
Mr I. and Mrs J.B.R. Budge
Mrs M.F. Davidson
Mr and Mrs G de Vere White
Mr M. Herbaut
Dr C. and Dr K. Hicks
Mrs J.M. Hicks
Mr and Mrs M. Hicks
Mr and Mrs B. Kelly
Mr C. and Mrs P.A. Lean
Mr P.D. Maundrell
John Norris and Ann Vernau
Mr B.H. Reeve
Mr and Mrs D.J. Rooke
Mr J.M. Rooke
Paul Adrian Rooke
Rotary Club of Hitchin Mimram
Mr C.C. and Mrs H.M. Rowe
Mr R. Sayers
Mr C.J. Settle
Mrs A.M. Spensley

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