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Hitchin Symphony Orchestra

About the Orchestra

Hitchin Symphony Orchestra was founded as Hitchin Concert Orchestra in 1929 by Mary Ibberson at the Rural Music Schools Association. The change of name came in 1997 when the orchestra became a self-governing body. Its motto is “Promoting Live Music” and its aim is to promote orchestral music in the Hitchin area by providing audiences with symphonic concerts performed to a high standard and by serving as a concert platform for local musicians, whether orchestral players or soloists.

The orchestra’s President from 1984 until his death in February 2015 was the composer and pianist John McCabe. Following his death, Katherine Arnold (daughter of Sir Malcolm Arnold) and Adrian Yardley (son of Edmund Rubbra) were invited to become Joint Presidents. We were delighted that they both accepted and we look forward to a happy association for many years to come between the two people so closely associated with twentieth century English Composers — and to perform more of their fathers’ music.

We also invited Monica McCabe, John’s widow, to become an Honorary Life President and were delighted that she also accepted, thus continuing the long association between Hitchin Symphony Orchestra and the name of McCabe.

For the last 33 years the orchestra has been conducted by Paul Adrian Rooke and, since 1997, it has been run by its committee and is still under the professional musical direction of Paul Adrian Rooke and Janet Hicks. The committee has worked hard to establish the orchestra as an efficiently run, friendly body of musicians and, as a result, the orchestra has gone from strength to strength.

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